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A piece of history

Laskill is a small hamlet situated 5 miles to the NW of Helmsley (45 minutes from York).

Dating back to the Middle Ages, and originally under the control of Rievaulx Abbey (A Heritage Monument located nearby) it is generally recognised that central Laskill is composed of only three buildings :- Laskill House itself, Laskill Grange and the Quaker Meeting House, the oldest standing building and final resting place of over fifty Quakers.

Laskill was important as a medieval trading place and also as a settlement for Cistercian monks. Skilled metallurgists, they established a highly advanced blast furnace, the single mediaeval furnace so far identified in Britain, which produced a very refined iron ore. Sadly its progress was ended in 1538 by Henry VIII with the destruction of Rievaulx Abbey. If the monks had been allowed to pass on their new techniques the Industrial Revolution may have arrived two and a half centuries sooner.

Constantine (original owner) Coat of Arms, Quaker Meeting House, Interior of Meeting House
Top left - Constantine (original owner) Coat of Arms
Top right - Quaker Meeting House
Above - Interior of Meeting House